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Ore Deposit Models, Volume II
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Contents: 1. Uses(and Abuses)of Ore Deposit Models in Mineral Exploration, C J Hodgson 2. Kimberlites and Lamproites: Primary sources of diamond, R H Mitchell 3. Rare-element Granitic Pegmatites. Part I: Anatomy and Internal Evolution of Pegmatitic Deposits, P Cerny 4. Rare-element Granitic Pegmatites. Part II: Regional to Global Environments and Petrogenesis, P Cerny 5. Net Smelter Return Models and Their Use in the Exploration, Evaluation and Exploitation of Polymetallic Deposits, R Goldie and P Tredger 6. A Model for Bonanza Gold Deposits, S B Romberger 7. Five-element(Ni-Co-As-Ag-Bi) Veins, S A Kissin 8. Sediment-hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits, A C Brown 9. Skarns and Skarn Deposits, L D Meinert 10. Bauxite, N N Gow and G P Lozej
Ore Deposit Models, Volume I
Our Price: $44.15

Contents: 1. Archean Lode Gold Deposits, R.G. Roberts 2. Disseminated Gold Deposts, S.B. Romberger 3. A Canadian Cordilleran Model for Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposits, A Panteleyev 4. Porphyry Copper Deposits, W.J. McMillan and A. Panteleyev 5. A Model for Granophile Mineral Deposits, D.F. Strong 6. Sedimentary-Type Stratiform Ore Deposits: Some Models and a New Classification, J Morganti 7. Mississippi Valley-Type Lead-Zinc Deposits, G M Anderson and R W Macqueen 8. Genetic Considerations Relating to Some Uranium Ore Deposits, J E Tilsley 9. Unconformity-Type Uranium Deposits 10. Platinum Group Elements: Genesis and Classification, A J Macdonald 11. Magmatic Segregation Deposits of Chromite, J M Duke 12. Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits Part 1: A Descriptive Model, J W Lydon 13. Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits Part 2: Genetic Models