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Mining and the Environment from Ore to Metal
Mining and the Environment from Ore to Metal
Our Price: $334.85

Spitz, Karlheinz, and Trudinger, John (2009). A reference on the wide
range of social and environmental issues pertaining to mining.  Topics
include: Environmental Impact Assessment; the Anatomy of a Mine;
Converting Minerals to Metals; Indentifying and Evaluating Impacts; Land
Acquisition and Resettlement; Acid Rock Drainage; Indigenous Peoples
Issues; Erosion; Mine Closure; and more.  891 pps., illus., paper, 8-1/2
x 11".  Shipping weight 7 lbs.
SME Mining Engineering Handbook (2nd Edition)
SME Mining Engineering Handbook (2nd Edition)
Our Price: $292.20

Contents: VOLUME 1: 1. Introduction to Mining 2. Mineral Economics 3. Government Role and Influence in Mining 4. Mineral Prospecting and Exploration 5. Project and Mining Geology 6. Mine Evaluation and Investment Analysis 7. Mine Development 8. Mine Exploitation 9. Production Operations 10. Geo-mechanics 11. Environmental Health and Safety 12. Auxiliary Operations VOLUME 2: 13. Surface Mine Development 14. Surface Mining: Mechanical Extraction Methods 15. Surface and Hybrid Mining: Aqueous Extraction Methods 16. Surface Mining: Comparison of Methods 17. Underground Mine Development 18. Underground Mining: Self-Supported Methods 19. Underground Mining:Supported Methods 20. Underground Mining: Caving Methods 21. Underground Mining: Comparison of Methods 22. Novel and Innovative Mining Methods 23. Evaluation of Mining Methods and Systems 24. Openings for Non-mining Purposes 25. Post-mining Operations. Appendix includes: Table A: Conversion of English to SI Units Table B: Strength Properties of Rocks Table C: Engineering Properties of Rock Table D: Properties of Common Minerals Table E: Material Properties and Characteristics Table F: Heat Values of Various Fuels Table G: Geometrical Relationships and Mensuration Formulas Table H: Standard Sizing and Meshes Table I: Ship Measures Table J: International Atomic Weights Table K: Time Value of Money Factors for Discrete Compounding
Altered Volcanic Rocks
Altered Volcanic Rocks
Our Price: $222.35

Chapter 1: Alteration in Submarine Volcanic Successions
Chapter 2: Describing Altered Volcanic Rocks
Chapter 3: Common Alteration Textures and Zonation Patterns
Chapter 4: Geochemistry of Altered Rocks
Chapter 5: Seafloor-and Burial-Related Alteration
Chapter 6: Synvolcanic Intrusion-Related Alteration
Chapter 7: Local Hydrothermal Alteration Related to VHMS Deposits
Chapter 8: Finding Ore Deposits in Altered Volcanic Rocks
275 pages, well illustrated, paper, 8-1/4 x 11-1/2". Shipping weight 4 lbs.
Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering
Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering
Our Price: $205.65

Persson, Per Anders; et al. (1994). A working handbook on rock blasting that provides a firm foundation of understanding as to how exploives work on the surrounding material. Topics include: rock strenght and fracture properties; mehcanical drilling and boing in rock; explosives; principles of cahrge calculation. 540 pps, illus, 7-1/4 x 10-1/4". Shipping weight 4 lbs.
Munsell Soil Color Charts
Munsell Soil Color Charts
Our Price: $205.00

(2009 Revised) This collection of 12 loose leaf charts displays over 350 color chips especially useful in international correlation of soil and rock types. Charts are labeled as follows: Gley 1; Gley 2; 10R; 2.5YR; 5YR; 7.5YR; 10YR; 2.5Y; White; 10Y and 5GY; 5R and 5Y. Each chart consists of a page of 1/2" x 5/8" color chips based on their Hue, Value, and Chroma. The opposite page of the chart is the diagram page providing the soil color name, such as dark reddish gray. Complete with 6 ring loose leaf binder, 5-3/8" x 7 3/4". Shipping weight 2 lbs.
Drilling:Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management
Drilling:Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management
Our Price: $180.35

Contents: Drillers and Their Industry; Drilling Fundamentals; Drilling Equipment and Methods; Rig Mechanics; Geology for Drillers; Circulation Fluids and Grouting; Drilling Operations; Sampling and Sampling Equipment; Tests and Measurements; Information--Logs, Records and Reports; Drilling Applications-- Geotechnical, Engineering and Mineral Applications; Water Well Applications; Environmental Applications; Well/Bore Hole Abandonment; Overcoming Down-Hole Problems; Rig and Crew Management. Appendices include: Selected Australian and U.S. Standards Relevant to Drilling; Selected Drilling Industry Associations; Selected Drilling Industry Periodical Publications.
Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis
Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis
Our Price: $179.95

Contents: Collection and Preparation of Soil Samples; Soil Test
Analyses; Soil Chemical Analyses; Biological Analyses; Soil Biochemical
Analyses; Analyses of Organic Soils; Soil Physical Analyses; Soil
Mineralogical Analyses; Analysis of Frozen Soils.
Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology, 3rd Ed
Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology, 3rd Ed
Our Price: $173.20

Introduction; 2. Elementary Statistics;
3. Matrix Algebra; 4. Analysis of Sequences of Data; 5. Spatial Analysis; 6. Analysis of Multivariate Data;
Shipping weight 4 lbs.
Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook 2nd Ed
Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook 2nd Ed
Our Price: $160.25

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part 1: Investigation Methods & Procedures
Chapter 2: Exploration
Chapter 3: Measurement of Properties
Chapter 4: Field Instrumentation
Part II: Characteristics of Geologic Materials & Formations
Chapter 5: Rock & Soil: Identification & Classification
Chapter 6: Rock-Mas Characteristics
Chapter 7: Soil Formations: Geologic Classes & Characteristics
Chapter 8: Water: Surface & Subsurface
Part III: Geologic Hazards
Chapter 9: Landslides & Other Slope Failures
Chapter 10: Ground Subsidence, Collapse and Heave
Chapter 11: Earthquakes
1066 pages, illustrated7-1/4" x 10". Shipping weight 6 lbs.
Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition
Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $207.95
Sale Price: $155.85
Savings: $52.10

Berkman, D.A. (Editor, 2001). Monograph 9 of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. A broad presentation of basic material useful to the geologist in the course of daily work. The main sections are: mineral and rock information; geochemistry; mining and economic geology; data; engineering geology; hydrogeology; geophysics; drilling; 395 pgs., illus., 7-1/4 x 10-1/2" Shipping weight 3 lbs.