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Glass Vials
Glass Vials
Our Price: $1.53

Ideal for storing and displaying small quantities of precious metals.
Flint glass with molded screw cap. Package of 3 of the same size. Three
sizes available: 1/2 dram (3/8 inch x 1 inch); 1 dram (7/16 inch x 2-3/8
inch)and 2 dram (5/8 inch X 2-9/16 inch).  Please note that one dram
equals 1/16th of an ounce.  Shipping weight per pack 8 ounces.
Pencil Magnet
Pencil Magnet
Our Price: $3.45

Gold Flake Recovery Bottle
Gold Flake Recovery Bottle
Our Price: $3.95

"Garrett Gold Guzzler" squeeze bottle with tip extension for recovery of
gold particles. Polypropylene bottle. Capacity 4 ozs. Shipping weight
12 oz.
Carbide Scriber with Pickup Magnet
Carbide Scriber with Pickup Magnet
Our Price: $6.65

Permanently attached carbide tip on one end and magnet on the other end. Pocket clip and plastic tip protector. Made in China. Shipping weight 12 oz.
Pocket Magnet
Pocket Magnet
Our Price: $8.15

Here is an inspection magnet. Distance between poles is 1/4 inch. Pull
is 3-1/2 lbs. Made in England. Net weight is 1 oz. Shipping weight is 8
Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 10-1/2 inch
Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 10-1/2 inch
Our Price: $8.50

Designed for use as a finishing pan. Riffle edge design with extra heavy
texturing on the long sloping sidewalls and a small cone shaped bottom.
Shipping weight 1 lb.
Gold Pan, Steel
Gold Pan, Steel
Our Price: $8.58

These gold pans are spun (not stamped) from heavy gauge sheet metals. This gives you a more rigid pan, a minute touch of roughness, and optimum service. Steel pans are constructed of 24 gauge material. Four sizes available. Shipping weight for the 6-1/2 inch is l lb, for the 11 inch is 2 lbs, for the 14-1/2 inch and 16 inch is 3 lbs.

Our Price: $8.75

Handy device for sifting and classifying materials, especially in heavy
metal exploration. Constructed of ABS plastic. Green in color. Size: 14
inch diameter with bottom holes of .48 x .48 inch. Shipping weight 3 lbs
Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 14 inch
Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 14 inch
Our Price: $10.80

Garrett "Gravity Trap", high-impact, forest green molded ABS plastic
gold pan with specially designed 90 degree riffles. Easy to use even for
the beginner. Green color provides nice contrast to spot gold and
riffles help separate and retain gold -- acquired skills of an
experienced prospector. A commonly used light weight size for most
panning applications. Shipping weight 3 lbs.
Pocket Scriber with Carbide Tip
Pocket Scriber with Carbide Tip
Our Price: $11.80

Pencil shaped scriber with carbide tip that reverses into the holder for storage.
Holder has knurled surface and pocket clip.
Shipping weight 8 oz.