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Gold and Silver Handbook
Gold and Silver Handbook
Our Price: $29.50

Contents: Introduction; Definition; History of Bulk Minable Precious Metals Development; Geologic Classification; Carlin-type Gold Deposits; Back Arc Volcanogenic Silver or Gold Deposits; Island Arc Volcanogenic Silver or Gold Deposits; Gold-Silver Ratios; Production: Operations Parameters, Metallurgy, Costs, Net Return; Economics: Grade-Tonnage Relationships, Value, Outlook; Exploration: Exploration and Acquisition Objectives, Exploration Methods. Includes 35 figures and 18 tables.
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Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes
Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes
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Nash, David J.; and McLaren, Sue J. (Editors)(2007). The 14 chapters in this text provide a focus on the relationships between geomorphology and geochemical sedimentation. Chapters include:
Laterite and Ferricrete
Tufa and Travertine
Rock Varnish
Lacustrine and Palustrine Geochemical Sediments
Terrestrial Evaporites
Beachrock and Intertidal Precipitates
Sodium Nitrate Deposits and Surface Efflorescences
Analytical Techniques for Investigating Terrestrial Geochemical Sediments
465 pps., illustrated, paper, 6" x 9". Shipping weight 3 lbs.

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Soil Mechanics Lab Manual
Soil Mechanics Lab Manual
Our Price: $86.75
Sale Price: $43.80
Savings: $42.95

Kalinski, Michael E. (2006). This lab manual can be used as a refresher for those working in soil mechanics, or you can use it to support the text Soil Mechanics and Foundations (C 3757). The thirteen exercises include:
Measurement of Moisture Content
Measurement of Specific Gravity of Soil Solids
Measurement of Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit
Analysis of Grain Size Distribution
Laboratory Classification of Soil
Field Classification of Soil
Laboratory Soil Compaction
Field Measurement of Dry Unit Weight and Moisture Content
Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Granular Soil Using a Fixed-Wall Permeameter
One Dimensional Consolidation Test of Cohesive Soil
Direct Shear Strength Test of Granular Soil
Unconfined Compressive Strength Test of Cohesive Soil
Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Shear Strength Test of Cohesive Soil

Complete with a special access code for additional supportive materials on the web. 191 pps., illustrated, paper, 8" x 10". Shipping weight 2 lbs.

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Advanced Soil Mechanics (2nd Edition)
Advanced Soil Mechanics (2nd Edition)
Our Price: $101.05
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Contents: Soil Aggregate and Classification; Stresses and
Strains--Elastic Equilibrium; Stresses in Soil Mass; Pore Water Pressure
Due to Undrained Loading; Permeability and Seepage; Consolidation;
Shear Strength of Soils; Evaluation of Soil Settlement; Immediate
Settlement; Consolidation Settlement.
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Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS Applications
Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS Applications
Our Price: $144.95
Sale Price: $94.25
Savings: $50.70

Helwany, Sam (2007). A simple, basic introduction to both traditional and finite element methods of solutions to soil mechanics problems. Topics include:
Properties of Soil
Elasticity and Plasticity
Stresses in Soil
Shear Strength of Soil
Shallow Foundations
Lateral Earth Pressure and Retaining Walls
Piles and Pile Groups
Permeability and Seepage
There are over 60 problems throughout the book, most of which have been solved by longhand as well as using the ABAQUS computer program. 385 pps., illustrated, 6-1/4" x 9-1/2". Shipping weight 2 lbs.

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Introduction to Mineral Exploration (Second Edition)
Introduction to Mineral Exploration (Second Edition)
Our Price: $106.50

Moon, Charles J; Whateley, Michael K.G.; and Evans, Anthony M.
(Editors)(2006).  The contents of this Second Edition are: Part 1 -
Principles. 1: Ore, Mineral Economics and Mineral Exploration 2: The
Mineralogy of Economic Deposits 3: Mineral Deposit Geology and Models 4:
Reconnaissance Exploration 5: From Prospect to Prefeasibilty 6: Remote
Sensing 7: Geophysical Methods 8: Exploration Geochemistry 9: Mineral
Exploration Data  10: Evaluation Techniques 11: Project Evaluation. Part
2 - Case Studies: 12: Cliffe Hill Quarry, Leicestershire - Development
of Aggregate Reserves  13: Soma Lignite Basin, Turkey  14: Witwatersrand
Conglomerate Gold - West Rand  15: A Volcanic-associated Massive
Sulphide Deposit - Kidd Creek, Ontario  16: Disseminated Precious
Metals- Trinity Mine, Nevada  17: Diamond Exploration-Ekati and Diavik
Mines, Canada.  481 pps., illus., paper, 7-1/2 x 9-1/2". Shipping weight
3 lbs.
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Geological Field Techniques
Geological Field Techniques
Our Price: $146.75

Coe, Angela L. (2010). This textbook explains the main data gathering
techniques used by geologists in the field and the reason for these,
with emphasis throughout on how to make effective field observations and
record these in suitable formats. Equal weight is given to assembling
field observations from igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock types.
There are also substantial chapters on producing a field notebook,
collecting structural information, recording fossil data and
constructing geological maps. 323 pgs. illustrated, paper, 7-1/2” x
9-3/4”. Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
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Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition
Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition
Our Price: $207.95
Sale Price: $155.85
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Berkman, D.A. (Editor, 2001). Monograph 9 of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. A broad presentation of basic material useful to the geologist in the course of daily work. The main sections are: mineral and rock information; geochemistry; mining and economic geology; data; engineering geology; hydrogeology; geophysics; drilling; 395 pgs., illus., 7-1/4 x 10-1/2" Shipping weight 3 lbs.
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Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook 2nd Ed
Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook 2nd Ed
Our Price: $160.25

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part 1: Investigation Methods & Procedures
Chapter 2: Exploration
Chapter 3: Measurement of Properties
Chapter 4: Field Instrumentation
Part II: Characteristics of Geologic Materials & Formations
Chapter 5: Rock & Soil: Identification & Classification
Chapter 6: Rock-Mas Characteristics
Chapter 7: Soil Formations: Geologic Classes & Characteristics
Chapter 8: Water: Surface & Subsurface
Part III: Geologic Hazards
Chapter 9: Landslides & Other Slope Failures
Chapter 10: Ground Subsidence, Collapse and Heave
Chapter 11: Earthquakes
1066 pages, illustrated7-1/4" x 10". Shipping weight 6 lbs.
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Drilling:Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management
Drilling:Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management
Our Price: $180.35

Contents: Drillers and Their Industry; Drilling Fundamentals; Drilling Equipment and Methods; Rig Mechanics; Geology for Drillers; Circulation Fluids and Grouting; Drilling Operations; Sampling and Sampling Equipment; Tests and Measurements; Information--Logs, Records and Reports; Drilling Applications-- Geotechnical, Engineering and Mineral Applications; Water Well Applications; Environmental Applications; Well/Bore Hole Abandonment; Overcoming Down-Hole Problems; Rig and Crew Management. Appendices include: Selected Australian and U.S. Standards Relevant to Drilling; Selected Drilling Industry Associations; Selected Drilling Industry Periodical Publications.
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