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Rock Formations and Unusual Geologic Structures, Exploring the Earth's Surface
Rock Formations and Unusual Geologic Structures, Exploring the Earth's Surface
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Erickson, John (1993). An introductory text on examinign the earth's surface. Chapters include: the earth's crust; basement rock; sedimentary strata; erosional processes; fossil beds; folding and faulting; igneous activity. 196 pps, illus. 7-1/2 x 9-1/2". Shipping weight 3 lbs.
Geology: A Self Teaching Guide
Geology: A Self Teaching Guide
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Murck, Barbara (2001); The focus of this easy to read text is on Earth materials and processes. Topics include: plate tectonics; the rock record and geologic time; weathering and erosion; resources from the Earth; Earth systems and cycles; Questions and answers provided in each chapter. 328 pps., illus., paper, 7-1/2 x 9-1/4" Shipping weight 2 lbs.
Lab Studies in Physical Geology
Lab Studies in Physical Geology
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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 20 Exercises as follows: 1: What is a Mineral?; 2: Mineral Identification: The Rock-Forming Minerals; 3: Mineral Identification: Mineral Resources; 4: From Minerals to Rocks; 5: Igneous Rocks; 6: Sedimentary Rocks; 7: Metamorphic Rocks; 8: Rock Deformation and Geologic Structures. 9: Aerial Photo Interpretation; 10: An Introduction to Map Reading; 11: Maps that Show Landforms; 12: Topographic Profiles: A Different View of Maps; 13: Streams, Stream Systems and Landforms; 14: Karst and Groundwater; 15: Topographic Features of Arid Regions; 16: Alpine Glaciation; 17: Continental Glaciation; 18: Shorelines and Coastal Processes; 19: Volcanic Landforms; 20: Geologic Maps and Cross-Sections. Answer Sheets.
Volcanoes,Third Edition
Volcanoes,Third Edition
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Contents: 1. Seams of the earth; 2. Surtsey, Iceland; 3. Fire Under the Sea; 4. Krakatau, Indonesia; 5. Mount St. Helens; 6. Ring of Fire; 7. Kilauea, Hawaii; 8. Hot Spots; 9. Lava, Ash, and Bombs; 10. Lahars and Avalanches; 11. Cones and Craters. 12. Roots of Volcanoes; 13. Origin of the Sea and Air; 14. Volcanic Power; 15. Volcanic Treasures; 16. Volcanoes and Climate; 17. Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions; 18. Reducing Volcanic Risk; Appendix A. The World's 101 Most Notorious Volcanoes; Appendix B. Volcanoes on the Internet; Appendix C. Metric-English Conversion Table.
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Brassington, Rick (2007). Part of the popular Geological Field Guide Series, this book follows a systematic approach to completing a hydrogeological study. Topics include:
Desk Study
Field Evaluation of Aquifers
Groundwater Levels
Rainfall, Springs and Streams
Pumping Tests
Groundwater Chemistry
Recharge Estimation
Specialist Techniques
Parctical Applications
Good Working Practice
Conversion Factors
264 pps., illustrated, paper, 4-1/2" x 7". Shipping weight 2 lbs.
Structural Analysis and Synthesis: A Laboratory Course in Structural Geology
Structural Analysis and Synthesis: A Laboratory Course in Structural Geology
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Rowland, Stephen M.; Duebendorfer, Ernest M., and Schiefelbein, Ilsa M.
(2007) Third Edition.  This useful spiral bound book is designed to
support the laboratory work in structural geology courses.  Topics
include: Attitudes of Lines and Planes; Outcrop Patterns and Structure
Contours; Interpretation of Geologic Maps; Geologic Structure Sections;
Stereographic Projections; Folds; Stereographic Analysis of Folded
Rocks; Strain Measurement; Construction of Balanced Cross Sections;
Introduction to Plate Tectonics; and more.  320 pps., illus., paper.  
Shipping weight: 3 lbs.
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Parfitt, Elizabeth A.; and Wilson, Lionel (2008). This text concentrates on the physical processes that control when and how volcanoes erupt. Chapters include: Volcanic Systems; Magma Generation and Segregation; Magma Migration; Magma Storage; The Role of Volatiles; Steady Explosive Eruptions; Transient Volcanic Eruptions; Pyroclastic Falls and Pyroclastic Density Currents; Lava Flows
Eruption Styles; Scales and Frequencies; Volcanic Hazards and Volcano Monitoring; Volcanoes and Climate; Volcanism on other Planets. 280 pps., illustrated, paper, 7-1/2" x 9-1/2". Shipping weight 2 lbs.

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Schor, Horst J.; and Gray, Donald H. (2007). This comprehensive and practical text on techniques of landform grading and revegetation includes the following chapters:
Surficial Erosion and Mass Wasting of Slopes
Influence of Vegetation on Hillside Stability
Influence of Topography on Slope Stability and Hydrology
Geomorphic Evolution of Slopes
Hillside Grading Fundamentals
Principles of Landform Grading
Essential Design Elements for Slope Forms and Landforms
Implementation of the Lanform Grading Plan
Public and Regulatory Response to Landform Grading
Watershed Restoration and Mining Reclamation
Hillside Developments and Mass Grading Applications
354 pps., illustrated, 6-1/4" x 9-1/2". Shiping weight 3 lbs.
Basic Methods of Structural Geology
Basic Methods of Structural Geology
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Marshak, Stephen; and Mitra, Gautam (1988). This book focuses upon the 'how to' of structural geology. Discussion of techniques is presented throughout in a problem method format. Part I discusses measurement and description of lines and planes. Part II covers map interpretation, analysis and cross sections. 446 pps. illus., paper, 8-1/4 x 11". Shipping weight 4 lbs.
Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition - CD Version
Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition - CD Version
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Berkman, D.A. (Editor, 2001). Monograph 9 of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. A broad presentation of basic material useful to the geologist in the course of daily work. The main sections are: mineral and rock information; geochemistry; mining and economic geology; data; engineering geology; hydrogeology; geophysics; drilling; 395 pgs., illus., 7-1/4 x 10-1/2" Shipping weight 3 lbs.