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Gold Panning is Easy
Gold Panning is Easy
Our Price: $9.90

Contents: Gold...Why Search For It; Searching...Where Gold Is Located;
Panning...Just How It Works; Gold Pans...What They're Made Of; Wet
Panning...How To Find Gold; Dry Panning...How To Find Gold; Gold Pan
Kit...Short Cut To Success; Pan & Detector..Gold-Finding
Combination; Finding Gold...With A Metal Detector; Identification...Of
Metal/Mineral Samples; Gold Dredging...Made Easy For Beginners;
Conclusion...Gold Is Where You Find It.
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Gold Prospectors Handbook
Gold Prospectors Handbook
Our Price: $10.95

Table of Contents: What is Gold?; Is There Any Gold Left?; Elementary Geology; Elementary Mineralogy; Geological Agents; Stream Geology; Introduction To Placers; Stream Placer Prospecting; An Introduction To Dredging; Setting Up and Testing Your Dredge; The Initial Launch; Dredging Principles; Principles of Lode Prospecting; Sampling Theory; Other Valuable Minerals; Tools of the Prospector; Final concentration Methods.

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Gold…ABC's of Panning (4th Edition)
Gold…ABC's of Panning (4th Edition)
Our Price: $13.00

Table of Contents:
The Metal Called Gold:
The How and Why of Your Interest In It, The Nature of Gold, Gold Finds:
Past, Present and Future, Uses for Gold:
Old and New, The Future for Gold;
How To Find Placer Gold:
Where Gold Came From, How Gold Got into the Streams, Likely Places for
it To Be, Using Metal Detectors to Locate Placers;
The Necessary Equipment:
The Gold Pan, Brushes, Tweezers, Crevicing Tools, Shovels, Picks, Axes,
Etc., Gold Sniffers, Mercury, Magnifying Glasses, Gold Bottles;
How To Pan Gold:
Basic Facts for the Gold Panner, General Panning Instructions, Specific
Procedures: Steps 1 Through 7;
More Useful Information:
Your Legal Rights to Pan Gold, How to Use Mercury Effectively and (I
Hope!) Safely, Weighing Your Take;
Gold is More Than Mere Metal.
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Placer Examination Principles and Practice
Placer Examination Principles and Practice
Our Price: $14.95

Contents: PART I - REVIEW OF PLACER THEORY AND GEOLOGY. 1.Placers Defined 2.Study of Placers - General 3.Sources of Valuable Mineral 4.Weathering and Release Processes 5.Stream Processes Related to Placers 6.Concentration of Valuable Minerals 7.Preservation of the Deposit PART II - TYPES OF PLACERS 1.Residual Placers 2.Eluvial Placers 3.Stream Placers 4.Bench Placers 5.Flood Gold Deposits 6.Desert Placers 7.Tertiary Gravels 8.Miscellaneous Types. PART III - SAMPLING AND EVALUATION 1.General Considerations 2.Sampling Guides 3.Sampling Methods 4.Special Problems 5.Uncased or Small-diameter Drill Holes 6. Salting 7. When Sampling Fails PART IV - SAMPLE WASHING EQUIPMENT 1. General Considerations 2. Miner's Pan 3.Sluice Box 4.Rockers 5.Special Machines 6.Dry Washers PART V - PANNING AND ASSAY PROCEDURES 1.Panning 2.General Notes on Panning with Suggestions for Improving Procedure 3.Fire Assay of Placer Samples - Misleading Results 4.Procedure for Determining Recoverable Gold in Placer Samples PART VI - NOTES ON GENERAL PRACTICE 1.Description of Samples 2.Reduction of Sample Volumes 3.Reporting Values 4.Cost Estimates 5.New or Unproven Processes PART VII - CHECK LIST FOR PLACER INVESTIGATIONS 1.General Considerations2. Field Guide and Check List (example) PART VIII - GLOSSARY OF PLACERS TERMS. APPENDIX
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Prospector's Guide to Physical & Chemical ID of Minerals
Prospector's Guide to Physical & Chemical ID of Minerals
Our Price: $16.95

Contents: Physical Properties of Minerals; Materials used in Testing
Physical Properties; Use of Identification Tables; Field Identification
of Minerals Checklist; Non Metallic Light Colored Minerals; Non Metallic
Dark Colored Minerals; Metallic Minerals; Materials and Material
Preparation for Chemical Testing; Procedures for Chemical Tests;
Chemical Tests for Specific Elements; Chemical Identification of Ore
Minerals. Appendices include: Systematic Measurement of Specific
Gravity; Specific Gravity of Common Minerals.
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Modern Prospecting
Modern Prospecting
Our Price: $18.25

Contents: 1. How I Became a Prospector. 2. Deposits: How Did They Get There? 3. Discovery Stories 4. Staking your Claim. 5. Fort Knox: The One that Got Away. 6. Beyond Gold in the Gold Pan: Saving the Semi-Heavies. 7. Before the Klondike: Circle, Alaska. 8. The Search for Diamonds. 9. Nevada Monsters: Carlin's Microscopic Gold. 10. The Old and the New USGS. 11. Researching a Prospect. 12. The Lure of Lost Mines. 13. Fieldwork and Equipment. 14. Assaying Today. 15. Geochemical Prospecting. 16. Rock and Mineral Alteration. 17. Yellowstone's Geysers and Hot Springs: Near-Surface Mineral Deposits. 18. Skarn: Where the Magma Hits the Marble. 19. Mineral Fashions 20. Black Hills Pegmatites. 21. The Dark Rocks and Platinum Metals. 22. Geophysical Prospecting. 23. Uranium: A Second Look. 24. Developing a Prospect. 25. Interior Alaska's Gold Rush: A Quiet Frenzy. Various lists. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

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Gold Mining in the 21st Century
Gold Mining in the 21st Century
Our Price: $20.50

McCracken, Dave (2000). Using many photographs and drawings of equipment and techniques, the author presents and easy to understand guide to gold mining. Topics include: placer geology; where to find gold; panning; sluicing; dredging; final cleanup procedures; lode mining basics; electronic prospecting. 279 pps. illus, paper, 8 x 11". Shipping weight 3 lbs.
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