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How to Smelt Your Gold and Silver (Revised Edition)
How to Smelt Your Gold and Silver (Revised Edition)
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Contents: Chapter 1. Safety: Protective Clothing, Gloves, Eye Protection, Respirators, Ventilation, Fire Hazards, Burn Hazards 2. Chemicals and Reagents: Sodium Carbonate; Silica, Borax Glass, Manganese Dioxide, Calcium Oxide, Fluorspar, Bone Ash, Potassium/Sodium Nitrate, Nitric Acid 3. Equipment and Fixtures: Attitude Toward Safety, Basic Structure and Fixtures, Personal Protective Equipment, Heat Source, Furnace Controller, Tongs, Scrapers, Etc., Balance or Scale, Pouring Molds, Odds & Ends, Notebook 4. Fluxes: Making the Fluxes, Original Mint Flux, Gold Smelting Flux(Gold Only), Gold Smelting Flux #2(Placer Gold), Silver Flux 5. Slag: Appearance, Color, Hazards, Retention of Values 6. Crucibles: Assay Crucibles, Fused Silica Crucibles, Crucible Management, How to Roll a Crucible 7. Smelting: Placer gold, Concentrate, Scrap Jewelry, Precipitates # 2, Silver Chloride, Silver(Metallic), Carbon Ash, Amalgam, Sampling, What You Can't Smelt, Odds & Ends 8. Useful Information: Make More Money, Industrial Cupellation 9. Selling Your Gold: Security, Dealing with the IRS, Marketing, What's It Worth. Appendices include: How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet; The Anatomy of Tilting Furnace; Suppliers; Useful Conversions.
The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals (2nd Edition)
The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals (2nd Edition)
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Contents: Chapter I. Introductory II. The Design and Equipment of Assay Offices III. Assay Furnaces IV. Furnace Implements and Apparatus Used in Assay Operations V. Balances and Weights: Weighing VI. Precious-Metal Ores: Valuation of Ores VII. Sampling Precious-Metal Ores and Materials VIII. Preparation of Samples for Assay IX. Fluxes, Etc., Used in Assaying X. Principles of Fluxing:Assay Slags XI. Assay Operations XII. The Assay of Silver Ores XIII. The Assay of Gold Ores and Calculation of Results (Gold and Silver) XIV. The Assay of Complex Gold and Silver Ores XV. Special Methods of Ore-Testing and Assay XVI. Gold and Silver:Physical and Chemical Properties XVII. Bullion:Valuation and Sampling XVIII. The Assay of Gold Bullion XIX. The Assay of Silver Bullion XX. The Assay of Base Bullion(Lead or Copper) XXI. The Assay of Industrial Gold and Silver Alloys XXII. The Assay of Products Containing Gold and Silver XXIII. Metals of the Platinum Group: Sources, Properties, and Uses XXIV. Assay of the Platinum-Group Metals XXV. Laboratory Work in a Cyanide Mill
Mineral Processing Technology (7th Edition)
Mineral Processing Technology (7th Edition)
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Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Ore Handling 3. Metallurgical accounting, control and simulation 4. Particle size analysis 5. Comminution 6. Crushers 7. Grinding Mills 8. Industrial Screening 9. Classification 10. Gravity concentration 11. Dense medium separation (DMS) 12. Froth flotation 13. Magnetic and high-tension separation 14. Ore sorting 15. Dewatering 16. Tailings disposal. Appendices include: Metallic ore minerals; Common non-metallic ores; BASIC computer programs; Mineral beneficiation references.

Principles of Mineral Processing
Principles of Mineral Processing
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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Particle Characterization
Chapter 3: Size Reduction and Liberation
Chapter 4: Size Separation
Chapter 5: Movement of Solids in Liquids
Chapter 6: Gravity Concentration
Chapter 7: Magnetic and Electrostatic Separation
Chapter 8: Flotation
Chapter 9: Liquid-Solid Separation
Chapter 10: Metallurgical Balances and Efficiency
Chapter 11: Bulk Solids Handling
Chapter 12: Hydrometallurgy and Solution Kinetics
Chapter 13: Mineral Processing Wastes and Their Remediation
Chapter 14: Economics of the Minerals Industry
573 pages, illustrated, 7-1/4 x 0-1/4". Shipping weight 3 lbs.
Refining Precious Metal Wastes
Refining Precious Metal Wastes
Our Price: $125.00

C.M. Hoke; Gold - Silver - Platinum Metals. A handbook for the jeweler, dentist, and small refiner. Originally published in 1940 by Metallurgical Publishing Co, 123 William St. New York and reprinted in 1982 and 2003 by Met Chem Research. ISBN 0-931913-22-5. 362 pps., illus. Shipping weight
2 lbs.
The Chemistry of Gold Extraction, Second Edition
The Chemistry of Gold Extraction, Second Edition
Our Price: $169.00

Marsden, John O.; and House, C. Ian (2006). Discussing the chemistry of every type of gold ore treatment to date, this text emphasizes the practical applications of chemical principles and techniques to gold extraction. Topics include:
Historical Developments
Ore Deposits and Process Mineralogy
Process Selection
Principles of Gold Hydrometallurgy
Oxidative Pretreatment
Solution Purification and Concentration
Surface Chemical Methods
Effluent Treatment
Industrial Applications
651 pps., illustrated, 6-3/4" x 10". Shipping weight 4 lbs.