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AO661   Estwing Pointed Tip Rock Pick, 14 oz head
AO662   Estwing Pointed Tip Rock Pick, 22 oz head
AO678   Estwing Rock Chisel
AO679   Estwing Safety Goggles
AO667   Estwing Splitting Chisel
E8211   Evaluation of Mineral Reserves
E8723   Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location
DF3051   Extension Tripod for Brunton Pocket Transit
BO164   Fiberglass Measuring Tape ,Feet & Metric
BO164-0001   Fiberglass Measuring Tape ,Feet & Metric - 165 feet/50 meters(BO165)
BO170   Fiberglass Measuring Tape, 8ths & 10ths
BO303   Fiberglass Measuring Tape, Feet & Metric
B8145   Field Bound Book (350)
B8240   Field Bound Book, Numbered Pages (350N)
D9982   Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition
D9984   Field Geologist's Manual, Fourth Edition - CD Version
D7000   Field Geophysics, Fourth Edition
K5007   Field Guide for Rock Core Logging and Fracture Analysis
K5006   Field Guide for Soil and Stratigraphic Analysis
B9504   Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals
E3723   FIELD HYDROGEOLOGY, Third Edition
B8148   Field Loose Leaf Sheets, Pkg/100 (352)
B8149   Field Notebook with Numbered Pages (351FX)
B8235   Field Spiral-Bound Notebook (353)
A4054   Filson Vest Blaze Orange - Size 54
AO950   Flagging Dispenser
AO800   Flagging Tape, ARCTIC,Flourescent Pink
AO951   Flagging Tape, Black
AO973   Flagging Tape, Blue/White Stripe
AO948   Flagging Tape, Fluorescent Lime
AO944   Flagging Tape, Fluorescent Orange
AO949   Flagging Tape, Fluorescent Pink
AO945   Flagging Tape, Fluorescent Red
AO974   Flagging Tape, Green/White Stripe
AO976   Flagging Tape, Orange/Black Stripe
AO979   Flagging Tape, Red/Black Stripe
AO972   Flagging Tape, Red/White Stripe
AO942   Flagging Tape, Standard Blue
AO941   Flagging Tape, Standard Orange
AO939   Flagging Tape, Standard Red
AO943   Flagging Tape, Standard White
AO940   Flagging Tape, Standard Yellow
AO801   Flagging Tape,ARCTIC, Fluorescent Lime
AO938   Flagging Tape,Standard Green
PK400   Fluorescent Marking Paint, Horizontal Style, Red
PK501   Fluorescent Marking Paint, Inverted Style, Pink
PK500   Fluorescent Marking Paint, Inverted Style,Red-Orange
XX700   Fluorescent Minerals Kit (6 Specimens)
AO530   Folding Hand Shovel
AX919   Folding Wood Rule, Engineers
AX925   Folding Wood Rule, Engineers - Metric Style (AX925)
K4052   Fossil Kit(12 Specimens)
D8119   Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics, Fourth Edition
C3761   Fundamentals of Soil Behavior 3rd Ed
BX714   Funnel for BX 710 Rotary Rock Chip Tray
BX715   Funnel for BX 712 Rotary Rock Chip Cases
AO669   Gad-Pry Bar
GA188   Garmin Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable
GA189   Garmin Cordura Carrying Case
GA205   Garmin GPSMAP 62st
GA192   Garmin GPSMAP 76 Instructional Video
GA194   Garmin Low Profile External GPS Antenna
GA187   Garmin PC Interface Cable
GA199   Garmin Vehicle Power Cable
BO882   Garrett's Gravity Trap Gold Pan Kit
H9955   Gemstones of the World, Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition
K4058   General Fossil Collection(15 Specimens)
D7849   Geoarchaeology:Exploration, Environments, Resources
H6708   Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes
B1749   GeoClino Digital Clinometer
B1749-0001   GeoClino Digital Clinometer - GEOCLINO
E4752   Geological Field Techniques
D8106   Geological Risk and Uncertainty in Oil Exploration
G4241   Geological Rock Color Chart
A1724   Geological Stratum Compass (also called COCLA)
B8116   Geology Bound Field Book (540F)
E4751   Geology: A Self Teaching Guide
B1202   Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook 2nd Ed
DO616   Gfeller Leather Plumb Bob Case
DO659   Gfeller Pocket Transit Case for Compro 90 Brunton
DO668   Gfeller Tripod Case with Shoulder Strap
M9133   Glass Vials
M9133-0002   Glass Vials - 1 dram (M9134)
M9134   Glass Vials - 1 dram (M9134)
M9133-0001   Glass Vials - 1/2 dram (M9133)
M9133-0003   Glass Vials - 2 dram (M9135)
M9135   Glass Vials - 2 dram (M9135) (pack of 3)
H1032   Glossary of Geology (5th Edition)
C7705   Gold and Silver Handbook
M9122   Gold Flake Recovery Bottle
A7507   Gold Mining in the 21st Century
AO895   Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 10-1/2 inch
AO883   Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 14 inch
AO898   Gold Pan, ABS Plastic, 15 inch
AO870   Gold Pan, Steel
AO865   Gold Pan, Steel - 11"
AO866   Gold Pan, Steel - 14 1/2"
AO867   Gold Pan, Steel - 16"
D9998   Gold Panning is Easy
A7506   Gold Prospectors Handbook
A7511   Gold…ABC's of Panning (4th Edition)
AX992   Goniometer, Inch/Metric Scale
AX993   Goniometer, Single Arm
DO101   Gowllands Hand Lens
DO101-0001   Gowllands Hand Lens - 10X
DO102   Gowllands Hand Lens - 20X
F8701   Ground-Penetrating Radar for Archaeology
F7998   Groundwater Modelling
DO150   Hand Lens with Metric Scale, 10X
B7520   Handbook of Rocks,Minerals and Gemstones
KO690   Hardness Pick Set
DO210   Hastings Triplet Hand Lens
DO211   Hastings Triplet Hand Lens 10X
DO212   Hastings Triplet Hand Lens 14X
DO213   Hastings Triplet Hand Lens 20X
RO210   Heavy Duty Pocket Size Penetrometer
DO520   Hollow Handle, 12 Inch. For Auger Kit.
B8241   Horizontal Line Journal, Numbered Pages (390N)
B8114   Horizontal Line Loose Leaf Sheets, Pkg/100 (392)
B8181   Horizontal Lined Notebook with Numbered Pages (391)
B8115   Horizontal Lined Spiral-Bound Notebook (393N)
G5227   How to Smelt Your Gold and Silver (Revised Edition)
E7900   Igneous Petrology Third Edition
H7806   Igneous Rocks & Processes
DO255   Illuminated 10x Dual Light Wide Field Hand Lens
AX402   Illuminated Plumb Bob
MA105   Immersion Oil Pack
AO961   Installation Tool for Nylon Locking Ties
MA906   Interference Color Chart
E4715   Introduction to Mineral Exploration (Second Edition)
E8220   Introduction to Optical Mineralogy 3rd Ed
H7808   Introduction to Well Logs and Subsurface Maps
B1508   IONIC COMPOUNDS--Applications of Chemistry to Mineralogy
E6310   Istopes-Principles and Applications 3rd Ed
DO233   Iwamoto Wide Lens Triplet Hand Lens, 20X
P1007   Katadyn Drip Water Filter
P1018   Katadyn Exstream Personal Water Filter
P1016   Katadyn Siphon Water Filter
AX933   Keson Powerglide 25' Tape Rule
E4801   Lab Studies in Physical Geology
AX502   Laminated Aluminum Foil Tags, 2 x 5, each
AX986   Land Sectioning Tool
C3900   Landforming
XO418   Lantern Batteries, 6-volt
A1726   Leather Belt Case for the Geological Stratum Compass
DO670   Leather Belt, 1-1/2
DO684   Leather Belt, 1-1/4
DO689   Leather Belt, 1-3/4, Fits Waist sizes 30-40 inches
DO703   Leather Belt, 1-3/4, Fits waist sizes 40-50 inches
DO677   Leather CrackHammer Holster
DO687   Leather Field Case with Acid Bottle
DO676   Leather Flagging Tape Dispenser
DO666   Leather Lanyard, Single Ring
DO696   Leather Lanyard, Two Ring
DO678   Leather Pick Holster
AO573   Leather Sheath for Barteaux Machete
M2041   Leather Sheetholder Attachment
DO665   Leather Shot Bag
D1679   Leather Swing Holster
B8143   Level Bound Field Book (310)
B8151   Level Loose Leaf Sheets, Pkg/100 (312)
B8232   Level Notebook with Numbered Pages (311)
B8234   Level Spiral-Bound Notebook (313)
M9104   Locking Tweezers
AX910   Lufkin Tape Rule, 12 Foot
AX912   Lufkin Tape Rule, 3 Meters
AX913   Lufkin Tape Rule, 8 Meter
M8950   Magnesia Cupel, #7 Size
M8951   Magnesia Cupel, #9 Size
B1797   MapWheel
B8236   Maxi Spiral-Bound Notebook (353MX)
B3802   Measuring Wheel
DO390   Meiji Non-Modular Stereomicroscope
DO372   Meiji Stereomicroscope 20/40X, Complete
MG3012   Meridian Compass Protractor Attachment
A7504   Metal Detecting for the Beginner, 2nd Edition
B8140   Metric Bound Field Book (360)
B8196   Metric Field Notebook with Numbered Pages (361)
B8150   Metric Loose Leaf Sheets, Pkg/100 (362)
AX944   Metric Provenience Drawing Square
AX955   Metric Ruler-Scale-Protractor
AX958   Metric Ruler-Scale-Protractor - 1:1500 and 1:2000 (AX958)
AX957   Metric Ruler-Scale-Protractor - 1:250 and MM Scale (AX957)
B8238   Metric Spiral-Bound Notebook (383)
AX659   Metric Triangular Scale 30CM
MA157   Micropaleontological Mounts
MA164   Microscope Slide Cover Glasses
A3909   Mine Pak Safety Boots
A3910   Mine Pak Safety Boots - 10
A3911   Mine Pak Safety Boots - 11
A3912   Mine Pak Safety Boots - 12
A3909-0001   Mine Pak Safety Boots - 9
H7718   Mineral Processing Technology (7th Edition)
K4012   Mineral Properties Test Kit, Pocket Size
E4901   Mineral Search 2000 (CD ROM)

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