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RO145   Testing Sieve, Brass,2" Opening, 8" Diameter
B7514   The Art of Gold Indentification - DVD
L1002   The Miner's Flame Light Book
G5006   The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals (2nd Edition)
B1100   The Site Calculations Pocket Reference (2nd Edition)
GO580   Thread for FieldRanger or Topofil, Polyester
GO582   Thread for FieldRanger, Cotton, 6000 meters
GO747   Thread for Hip Chain or Chainman
L3004   Tie Tack/Lapel Pin (Garnet on Pan)
AX898   Tieless Aluminum Marker , 3-1/2 x 3/4"
AO677   Tinners Hammer 18 oz
B8144   Transit Bound Field Book (300)
B8147   Transit Loose Leaf Sheets, Pkg/100 (302)
B8230   Transit Notebook with Numbered Pages (301)
B8233   Transit Spiral-Bound Notebook (303)
FX959   Traveler First Aid Kit
DO509   Tube Kit
DO515   Tube Sampler, 15 Inch
M9105   Tweezers
AO736   Twister Tying Tool for Wire Looped Ties
CO425   Ultraviolet Lamp, Short and Long Wave
GO454   Ultraviolet Lamp, Short Wave, 115 volt
K5005   USDA Soil Texturing Field Flow Chart
AX999   USGS Set Map Rulers
AX994   Using Your GPS With the Universal. Transverse Mercator Map Coordnate System
DO680   Utility Tote Bag
DO694   Utility Tote Bag with Holster
AX965   UTM Grid Reader
XO416   UVG-47, Short Wave ( 6-volt battery)
X9417   UVGL-48 Short Wave and Long Wave (6-volt battery)
XO420   UVP ML-49, Long Wave (6-volt battery)
E6608   Visualizing Geology
E3719   Volcanoes,Third Edition
BX555   Vortex Day Pack
DO900   Water Level Indicator, 5 Foot Markings
B8086   Waterproof Field Book Case, Cordura
AX860   Waypointer
B8080   Weatherproof Tear-Out Sample Book
X7001   Welsh Decorative Miner's Lamp, 10 Inch Size
AO980   Whirl To Seal Sample Bags, 3-mil, 3 x 7, Pkg 100
AO982   Whirl To Seal Sample Bags, 3-mil, 4-1/2 x 9, Pkg 100
AO737   Wire Looped End Ties, 12 Inch, Pkg 100
AO735   Wire Looped End Ties, 6 Inch, Pkg 100
AO402   Wire Stake Flags, Blue
AO401   Wire Stake Flags, Fluorescent Pink
MA171   Wood Frame Box for 27mm x 46mm Slides
DO253   Yee Mau 20x Triplet Hand Lens
DO251   Yee Mau Triplet Hand Lens 10X
AO987   Zipper Seal Poly Sample Bags, 4-mil, 12" x 15", Pkg 100
AO986   Zipper Seal Poly Sample Bags, 4-mil, 8" x 10", Pkg 100

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