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RO151   Replacement Insert Set for Mini Sieve
K4054   Rock and Mineral Kit , English/Spanish Label
F8122   Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering
D9983   Rock Formations and Unusual Geologic Structures, Exploring the Earth's Surface
B7521   Rocks and Miinerals
E8325   Rocks and Rock Minerals
BX705   Rubber Band for Securing Core Boxes
BX709   Rubber Band for Securing Core Boxes
AX950   Ruler-Scale-Protractor
AX952   Ruler-Scale-Protractor - 10 x 50 Parts/Inch (AX952)
AX951   Ruler-Scale-Protractor - 20 x 40 Parts/Inch (AX951)
AX953   Ruler-Scale-Protractor - 8th, 16ths, 32nd, CM (AX953)
DO544   Safety Cap, MSA V-Gard Slotted
B9439   Safety Goggles
BX960-0001   SAFETY VEST - Lime - Large
BX964   SAFETY VEST - Lime Large
BX965   SAFETY VEST - Lime X-Large
BX961   SAFETY VEST - Orange X-Large
PO055   Sample Container Opener
K2021   Sample Splitter, 1" Openings
K2020   Sample Splitter, 1/2" Openings
K5000   Sand Grain Size Gauge
B1798   Scale-Link Wireless
AX939   Scaler Engineering Scale
D1006   Scriber, Steel Tipped
H6777   Sedimentary Environments (3rd Edition)
MO556   Sentry 2.25 oz Polyester Bags 10 x 17", Per 100
MO601   Sentry 2.25 oz Polyester Sample Bags, 20 x 20,Pkg/100
MO657   Sentry II Sample Bags, Double Strength, 17 x 28,Pkg 25
MO656   Sentry II Sample Bags, Double Strength, 19 X 25 each
AO923   Sharpie King Size Marker
AO921   Sharpie Marker Pen, Pkg/2
DO692   Sheath for 22 Oz. Pointed Rock Pick
DO617   Sheath for Chisel Edge Pick
DO691   Sheath for14 Oz. Pointed Rock Pick
GO900   Sheetholder with Leather Attachment
SO333   Shoulder Strap Assembly
B1711   Silva Mirror Compass with Clinometer, 0 - 360,
B1713   Silva Mirror Compass with Clinometer, 0 - 90
B7523   Simon and Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals
DO674   Single Chisel Holster
AX934   Slot Style UTM Tool
B1801   SmartTool Digital Inclinometer
H9976   SME Mining Engineering Handbook (2nd Edition)
B1620   SME Mining Reference Handbook
GO802   Snapak Holder
GO809   Snapak Holder with Leather Attachment
A7710   Soil & Sand Sampling Envelopes, 3 x 5,Pkg 100
A7605   Soil & Sand Sampling Envelopes, 3-1/2 x 6
A7711   Soil & Sand Sampling Envelopes, 4 x 7
A7607   Soil & Sand Sampling Envelopes, 5 x 9
K5001   Soil and Sand Gauge
C3758   Soil Mechanics Lab Manual
C8216   Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis
C3755   Soil Structure and Fabric
E7707   Solving Problems in Surveying (second edition)
AX108   Spads, Nickel Plated Steel, pack of 50
AX119   Spads, Stainless Steel, pack of 50
B8229   Spiral-Bound Memo Book (135)
DO620   Spray Paint Can Holster
AO410   Stake Markers, Fluorescent Orange
AO411   Stake Markers, Fluorescent Pink
k4008   Standard Rock Specimen Kit ( 54 Specimens)
L5102   Stassfurter Oil Lamp
F7799   Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology, 3rd Ed
C3723   Statistics for Environmental Science and Management
L3012   Sterling Silver Earring (Shovel, Pick and Gold Pan)
L3014   Sterling Silver Earrings (Pick & Shovel)
L3011   Sterling Silver Earrings (Shovel, Pick and Gold Pan)
H7215   Storage Solution for pH Meter
M9101   Streak Plates, Package of 10
H7805   Structural Analysis and Synthesis: A Laboratory Course in Structural Geology
M9223   Sun Pocket Altimeter/Barometer
DO530   Superlectric Hat
B1616   Surface Mining (2nd Edition)
AX985   Surveyor's and Civil Engineer's Field Template
BO162   Surveyors Rope Chain
BO157   Surveyors Rope Chain - 100 Meters-Meters -Centimeters
BO162-0001   Surveyors Rope Chain - 100 Meters-Meters -Centimeters (BO157)
BO161   Surveyors Rope Chain - 200 feet, feet & 10th
BO155   Surveyors Rope Chain - 30 meters, meters & centimeters
BO156   Surveyors Rope Chain - 50 Meters-Meters -Centimeters (BO156)
B1870   Suunto Global Compass with Clinometer, 0-360 Degrees
B2000   Suunto Sighting Compass, 0 - 360
B2001   Suunto Sighting Compass, 0 - 90
B1743   Suunto Tandem Compass/Clinometer
AO685   Swedish Brush Axe
DO697   Swing Sheath for Pointed Rock Pick
AX935   TAPE RULE, 25ft
RO152   Testing Sieve Cleaning Brush
RO153   Testing Sieve Cleaning Brush
RO147   Testing Sieve, Brass, 1/2" Opening, 8" Diameter
RO190   Testing Sieve, Brass, 200 mesh 8" Diameter
RO142   Testing Sieve, Brass, 250 mesh 8" Diameter
RO122   Testing Sieve, Brass, 60 mesh 8" Diameter
RO183   Testing Sieve, Brass, 8 mesh
RO146   Testing Sieve, Brass,1" Opening, 8" Diameter
RO145   Testing Sieve, Brass,2" Opening, 8" Diameter
B7514   The Art of Gold Indentification - DVD
H8330   The Chemistry of Gold Extraction, Second Edition
L1002   The Miner's Flame Light Book
G5006   The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals (2nd Edition)
B1100   The Site Calculations Pocket Reference (2nd Edition)
H9800   The World of Opals
GO580   Thread for FieldRanger or Topofil, Polyester
GO582   Thread for FieldRanger, Cotton, 6000 meters
GO747   Thread for Hip Chain or Chainman
L3004   Tie Tack/Lapel Pin (Garnet on Pan)
AX898   Tieless Aluminum Marker , 3-1/2 x 3/4"
AO677   Tinners Hammer 18 oz
B8144   Transit Bound Field Book (300)
B8147   Transit Loose Leaf Sheets, Pkg/100 (302)
B8230   Transit Notebook with Numbered Pages (301)
B8233   Transit Spiral-Bound Notebook (303)
FX959   Traveler First Aid Kit
DO562   Triple Beam Balance (Capacity 610 grams)
DO509   Tube Kit
DO515   Tube Sampler, 15 Inch
M9105   Tweezers
AO736   Twister Tying Tool for Wire Looped Ties
CO425   Ultraviolet Lamp, Short and Long Wave
GO458   Ultraviolet Lamp, Short and Long Wave(115 volt AC)
GO455   Ultraviolet Lamp, Short and Long Wave(115-volt AC)
GO454   Ultraviolet Lamp, Short Wave, 115 volt
DO585   Universal Specific Gravity Kit
GA197   USB to Serial Adapter
K5005   USDA Soil Texturing Field Flow Chart
K5008   USDA Soil Texturing Kit
AX999   USGS Set Map Rulers
AX994   Using Your GPS With the Universal. Transverse Mercator Map Coordnate System
DO680   Utility Tote Bag
DO694   Utility Tote Bag with Holster
AX965   UTM Grid Reader
XO416   UVG-47, Short Wave ( 6-volt battery)
X9417   UVGL-48 Short Wave and Long Wave (6-volt battery)
XO420   UVP ML-49, Long Wave (6-volt battery)
B   View Box, Raytech
GO450   View Box, UVP
E6608   Visualizing Geology
D8120   Volcanic Textures
E3719   Volcanoes,Third Edition
BX555   Vortex Day Pack
DO900   Water Level Indicator, 5 Foot Markings
B8086   Waterproof Field Book Case, Cordura
AX860   Waypointer
B8080   Weatherproof Tear-Out Sample Book
X7001   Welsh Decorative Miner's Lamp, 10 Inch Size
AO980   Whirl To Seal Sample Bags, 3-mil, 3 x 7, Pkg 100
AO982   Whirl To Seal Sample Bags, 3-mil, 4-1/2 x 9, Pkg 100
M9220   Windwatch Pro
AO737   Wire Looped End Ties, 12 Inch, Pkg 100
AO735   Wire Looped End Ties, 6 Inch, Pkg 100
AO402   Wire Stake Flags, Blue
AO401   Wire Stake Flags, Fluorescent Pink
MA171   Wood Frame Box for 27mm x 46mm Slides
MA165   Wooden Box for 28mm x 48mm Microscope Slides
MA168   Wooden Box for 28mm x 48mm Microscope Slides - 200 Slides (MA168)
MA166   Wooden Box for 28mm x 48mm Microscope Slides - 50 Slides (MA166)
DO253   Yee Mau 20x Triplet Hand Lens
DO251   Yee Mau Triplet Hand Lens 10X
AO987   Zipper Seal Poly Sample Bags, 4-mil, 12" x 15", Pkg 100
AO986   Zipper Seal Poly Sample Bags, 4-mil, 8" x 10", Pkg 100

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