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Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation, 2nd Edition
Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation, 2nd Edition

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Contents: 1. Introduction. Part 1: GEOMETRY AND PHOTO MEASUREMENTS: 2. Geometry of a Vertical Aerial Photograph; 3. Principles of Stereoscopic Vision; 4. Scale of a Vertical Aerial Photograph; 5. Horizontal Measurements - Distance, Bearings, and Areas; 6. Vertical Measurements; 7. Acquisition of Aerial Photography. Part 2: MAPPING FROM VERTICAL AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS. 8. Orthophotography; 9. Map Projections, Grid Networks, and Control; 10. The Global Positioning System; 11. The Transfer of Detail; 12. Geographic Information Systems. Part 3: PHOTO INTERPRETATION. 13. Small-format Aerial Imagery; 14. Films, Filters, and the Photographic Process; 15. Principles and Techniques of Aerial Image Interpretation; 16. Landforms and Drainage Patterns; 17. Geology, Soils, and Engineering Applications; 18. Land-Use Planning; 19. Environmental Monitoring; 20. Additional Topics in Natural Resources Management. 21. Forestry. Part 4: NATURAL RESOURCES INVENTORY: 22. Elementary Statistics and Sampling Techniques; 23. Mapping Accuracy Assessment; 24. Aerial Photo Mensuration; 25. An Example Photo Timber Cruise. Part 5: AN INTRODUCTION TO REMOTE SENSING. 26. Additional Characteristics of Electromagnetic Energy; 27. Radar and Lidar - Active Remote Sensors. 28. Scanning Remote Sensors. Appendixes: Summary of Photogrammetric Formulas; Summary of Statistical Formulas; Specimen Contract for Aerial Photography; Selected Aerial Photo Volume Tables; Partial Answers to Questions and Problems; Partial Answer to Laboratory Exercises; Metric Conversion Charts. 632 pps., illus., 6-1/2 x 9-1/2". Shipping weight 3 lbs.