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A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (5th Edition)
A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (5th Edition)

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Contents: Part I: An Introduction to the Study of Rocks and Minerals. 1. Your Mineral Collection; 2. Rocks and Minerals and Where to Find Them; 3. Physical Properties of Minerals; 4. Crystal Classifications; 5 The Chemical Classification of Minerals; 6. Tests, Techniques, and Tips. Part II. Mineral Descriptions Elements; Sulfides and Sulfosalts; Oxides; Halides; Carbonates; Nitrates; Borates; Sulfates; Phosphates, Arsenates, Vanadates, and Uranates; Tungstates (Wolframates) and Molybdates; Silicates: Silica Type, Disilicate Type, Metasilicate Types, Pyrosilicate Type, Orthosilicate Type, Subsilicate Type. Includes 30 figures and 64 plates.