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How to Smelt Your Gold and Silver (Revised Edition)
How to Smelt Your Gold and Silver (Revised Edition)

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Contents: Chapter 1. Safety: Protective Clothing, Gloves, Eye Protection, Respirators, Ventilation, Fire Hazards, Burn Hazards 2. Chemicals and Reagents: Sodium Carbonate; Silica, Borax Glass, Manganese Dioxide, Calcium Oxide, Fluorspar, Bone Ash, Potassium/Sodium Nitrate, Nitric Acid 3. Equipment and Fixtures: Attitude Toward Safety, Basic Structure and Fixtures, Personal Protective Equipment, Heat Source, Furnace Controller, Tongs, Scrapers, Etc., Balance or Scale, Pouring Molds, Odds & Ends, Notebook 4. Fluxes: Making the Fluxes, Original Mint Flux, Gold Smelting Flux(Gold Only), Gold Smelting Flux #2(Placer Gold), Silver Flux 5. Slag: Appearance, Color, Hazards, Retention of Values 6. Crucibles: Assay Crucibles, Fused Silica Crucibles, Crucible Management, How to Roll a Crucible 7. Smelting: Placer gold, Concentrate, Scrap Jewelry, Precipitates # 2, Silver Chloride, Silver(Metallic), Carbon Ash, Amalgam, Sampling, What You Can't Smelt, Odds & Ends 8. Useful Information: Make More Money, Industrial Cupellation 9. Selling Your Gold: Security, Dealing with the IRS, Marketing, What's It Worth. Appendices include: How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet; The Anatomy of Tilting Furnace; Suppliers; Useful Conversions.